Carlton for GA06 2018

As your US representative in congress, I will stand firm for the values you believe in. Because I believe in them. That’s why I’m running, and this is my platform, based on my personal beliefs. It will not change. If elected, this is what I will do. I am not running with a party behind me, or corporate lobbies – if you believe in what I believe in, then I need you and whatever contribution you can make to kickstart this campaign. My approach to some central issues is outlined below.

The Opioid Epidemic

  • As representative of Georgia’s 6th congressional district, I vow that I will whoop Phizer’s ass. Furthermore, I will whoop Purdue Pharma’s ass. I will demand nothing less than that the executives and shareholders responsible for the decisions which led to the opioid crisis be arrested and given life sentences in maximum security prisons. These corporate policies continue to cause overprescription of known lethally addictive drugs. These drugs continue to kill Americans in the hundreds of thousands – not only those who attain them illegally, but those who get them prescribed as well. Hence, it is out of the incredible mercy of our collective heart that I propose they be jailed for life. No mass murderer could ask for better.

Land Value Tax

  • As your representative, I intend to abolish all taxation of earned income in favor of a single broad land-value tax. Real estate speculation is inflating housing prices and holding land hostage. The honest truth is that nobody really owns the land. We didn’t make it, but all of us rely upon this land and its natural resources.  With a land value tax, we can discourage unproductive real estate speculation and the accruing of unearned wealth. This will cause housing prices to fall, as unused land is released, and in turn the price of all other necessities will fall as well. Rather than taxing from hard-earned income, we will charge a public rent from land – those who own more, will pay more, and thusly be incentivized to use their land productively.


  • As your representative, I will advocate an end to NSA spying and a repeal of the overreaching Patriot Act. The FBI was keeping tabs on the 9/11 hijackers when they pulled it off. The FBI could have prevented it. What they needed was competence and adequate communication, not the ability to spy on millions of innocent private citizens whenever they wanted.
  • Hold Saudi Arabia responsible for its role in the 9/11 attacks.


  • As your representative, I will block SESTA. We already have the ability to prosecute responsible individuals for illegal activity online, SESTA will kill freedom of speech and stifle small websites.
  • Bring back Net Neutrality. Neither public nor private entities should have the power to throttle, extort, or censor online content they don’t own. ISPs have been caught trying to do this many times, and up to today they were always stopped. The internet was developed with tax dollars, and no private company should be allowed to dismantle it for the sake of a dishonest profit.
  • Open the market for more competitive internet options, and punish poor and unethical business practices. No regional monopolies.

Corporate Welfare

  • As your representative, I vow to oppose all tax policy designed to specifically benefit large corporations. They shouldn’t need your money.


  • We should get out of Afghanistan, reduce spending on arms manufacture, and increase funding for the VA substantially.


  • As your representative, I will advocate lowering the price of MARTA from $2.50 to 25ยข per trip. This will increase ridership, increase mobility for residents, and save money for riders. To help contribute funding for this, the highest paid politicians in GA, including myself, will all offer a 50% of our pay. It’s the least we can do. In parts of Georgia not served by MARTA, a portion of this money will also be recycled into citizens’ pockets for free passes on toll roads.


  • As your representative, I will advocate lowering the drinking age to 18 and dismantling any federal penalties we may face for this. A drinking age of 21 alienates young adults from available labor and networking opportunities. Furthermore, it has utterly failed to protect young adults from drinking and driving – instead of 18, our DUI deaths now spike suddenly at 21. As your representative, I trust we’re all smart enough to know why this doesn’t lead me to suggest raising the drinking age to 30.
  • I will also advocate fewer limits on bars.


  • As your representative, I will advocate funding for research into new, groundbreaking ways to grow more food with less space. I will advocate for an increase in smallscale sustainable urban farming, and for alternatives to largescale irrigation farms.
  • Furthermore, I will seek to invest in ways to grow more of our commodities here in the US, independent of climate and free from unethical third world labor. Food, work, and resources will abound for all!

Campaign Finance

  • This is largely a euphemism for legal bribery. As your representative, I will set limits on campaign finance, fight corporate lobbies, and abolish corporate campaign expenditures altogether.

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