Halloween singles

I hadn’t posted about this here before – so as of December, here’s the 2018 seasonal single. It’s called Screamers, The! Click here 1. Losin’2. Screamers, The3. Washer Cleaner (Clean Version)4. Monster’s Slop5. Suspicious Dracage6. House at the Edge of the Town Released 10/24/18

Official Summer Jam 2018 Released

Get ready to groove&grind to this new single from Carlton Heston, and its boogiedelic b-side! Thrills and chills in the summer sun, all courtesy of the new dance sensation “Over the Sea Line,” partnered in good vibes with “Necromansy,” a Bathory cover!  Enjoy at URL below!


Grainy black-and-white singer/songstringer. Musicman-gone-politicsman Carlton Heston. Running for congress in GA06 2018.