Official Summer Jam 2018 Released

Get ready to groove&grind to this new single from Carlton Heston, and its boogiedelic b-side! Thrills and chills in the summer sun, all courtesy of the new dance sensation “Over the Sea Line,” partnered in good vibes with “Necromansy,” a Bathory cover!  Enjoy at URL below!


New release, 2018 New record from Carlton Heston(ne.) With a name. It’s A Child’s Guide to Carlton . The first three copies are over at Decatur CD as of 06/16/18. You can also ask about it – there are more. All tracks are Carlton originals Copyright 2014-2018, except where otherwise noted. Includes some tracks previously on 2016’s Songs …


Grainy black-and-white singer/songstringer. Musicman-gone-politicsman Carlton Heston. Running for congress in GA06 2018.